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If We Were Not Alone
If the wind was Earth breathing
The waters rushing, her body bleeding
If her figure formed our soil—
her womb upon which we toil
What would we be feeling?
If only we were aware
of our mother above us who cares
of her gentle eyes, the stars
and her tears that heal her scars
Do we hope to dare?
Wouldn’t that be amazing?
If we weren’t alone in our gazing?
Up at the sky and in the deep black
What if our Mother was gazing back?
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 3
Selection of Haikus
A poem is soft
But its meaning powerful
Then, there is a catch
To tell you the truth—
It’s cool this is poetry
with only three lines
I love the haiku
Gentle, tingling words dance
Pleasantly in ears
You said, “I love you”
Such beautiful words to hear
I wish they were true
And if you had asked
Even if it was my kingdom
It would have been yours
My mother once said
If they push you anyways
At least you should smile
Never cease to rise
The moment your courage fails
Your sun will have set
You eagerly read
Until the end, your hope holds
I wasted your time
With the night that falls,
the light diminished
My last breath is sweet
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 1 1
It is incomprehensible. I blink, dazed, shocked. My brain refuses to register what my ears clearly communicate to it, the prerecorded voice flowing from my telephone. My hands tremble and I gasp for air, my chest suddenly constricting as the words resonate in my thoughts.
“Hello, my name is Faith…That is—I’m you. And you have to save us.”
The last message on my answering machine when I get home…is from myself.
The phone slips from my cold fingers and crashes to my wooden floor with a loud thud, still, nowhere near the volume of my pounding heart beats. The walls start spinning around me, spinning, spinning, or I guess it’s me because I collapse; crumpling to my knees in a heap. I don’t understand. What is this?
How could I have called myself? Why don’t I remember? The buzzing in my mind gets louder and louder, but all I can do is blankly stare at my hands splayed on the floor. I would have counted it off as a silly prank except I he
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 1 0
“I’m thankful we’ll all die someday.”
The words hang heavily in the air after I finally breathe them out. Then I stare at the peeling wallpaper behind my brother, hesitating to see his disappointed eyes. And hesitating. Unconsciously, I start chewing on my lips again, but it causes me to wince. The bruise mom gifted me last week still purples on my face like the grapes left rotting in the field out back and Jonathan says nothing. I don’t know why he always says nothing. I don’t know why I always expect something different.
I study those peeling, garish green little flowers instead as the seconds tick by. Dad promised he was going to switch it out for Mama—last month I think. It was around the time he promised not to see Michelle anymore. Mama is all smiles when Michelle doesn’t come around; she even sings to me when she braids my hair like she used to on those days. I comb my finger through my loose strands as the thought familiarly aches
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 4 4
Prologue: The Boring Savior
Linus Sylvester Maroni was an extraordinarily ordinary man. There was nothing special or unusual about him. He wore neatly pressed slacks every day with a matching sweater, even in the summer. In fact, all the clothing he owned was an exact replica of this one outfit. He hadn’t a wife, but if he had one Linus imagined she would have learned to be an early riser quickly since every day without fail Linus was up by 5:00 a.m. precisely. He arose, brushed his teeth with exactly one hundred meticulous strokes, ate his plain oatmeal, washed it down with his sixteen ounces of purified water, and swallowed his vitamin C tablet because he had a deficiency as his doctor told him consistently every Friday at 9:00 a.m. sharp, his weekly appointment time. Then he would walk to work, his pace perfectly even, which would ensure he arrived just as the clocks in the rainy city of Westchester struck 7:30 a.m.
Linus loved his job as an accordion instructor because the accordion was a stupid instrum
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 0
Sunlight in the Park by Artemisl17 Sunlight in the Park :iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 1 0 Fading Light by Artemisl17 Fading Light :iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 3 0 The Pantene Commercial by Artemisl17 The Pantene Commercial :iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 0 Sun Set by Artemisl17 Sun Set :iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 5 0
The Dream
Pitch black. Dirt in his fingers, dusting his eyelashes, choking his throat. He's squirming, trying to shake the stuff off, but the thudding at the edges of the shadows tell him it's piling on and on. One more and the pinprick of light he sees will be extinguished. There will be nothing but the burning air leaking from his lungs, and the loose soil burying him alive. He opens his mouth to scream, but dirt crumbles around him and suddenly his throat, his mouth, everything is filled with the stuff.
Then, far away Daniel awakens screaming, writhing in his bed. The sheets have been thrown off like he was grappling with some unseen force. And perhaps he was--he'd been having this same dream for nights on end now. Sweat trickles down his back, and he blinks several times. His vision will clear in a few seconds as it always does; he just needs to be patient. But the pounding of his heart and his labored breaths forced out of constructed lungs still protest sharply.
The last vestiges of fear s
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 0
They Are Always Watching
We watch the mirrors. The mirrors watch us.
We should be afraid. Our silent reflections assure us nothing is wrong.
Something is definitely wrong.
We watch the mirrors, and the mirrors—
They watch us too
Staring into our souls like we are empty chasms for them to fill full of
Propaganda and emptiness
Blind trust as we watch the mirrors watching us
We should be afraid
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 3
Mature content
How I Start Every Morning :iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 2 9
Admiral Akbar's Advice
“It’s a trap”
You always giggle at that line
Even though I don’t laugh with you anymore
Star Wars is your favorite movie
You always giggle at that line
You feed it to me constantly
Star Wars is your favorite movie
You asked me “Aren’t I just like Padme?”
You feed it to me constantly
All these lies you’re whispering
“Aren’t I just like Padme?”
Pure and sweet, what a beauty…
All these lies you’re whispering
This is an awful game to play
“Pure and sweet, what a beauty”
That’s what they all say
This is an awful game to play
You manipulated us, well—
That is what I wish they could say
I know they won’t escape your web
You manipulated me well
For a while, you had me fooled
I know I must escape your web
I can’t stay and end up like you
For a while, you had me fooled
“He was such a jerk, be different”, you’d say
I can’t stay and be like you
Another link on t
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 1 5
Here's an Open Letter
Dear society, I have a very short list for you of all the things women deserve that men don’t:
…Notice how this space is empty. Yes, that’s because men and women, we’re the same. Nearly identical, in fact, in every truly important way. We’re all human in this crazy world, we’re all here in the universe, we’re all wishing for something more. Yet, you still divide us. You still destroy us. You still take our souls and you crush them in your hand, you name them woman, and man. You name them “equal” but “separate”.
Please, just notice for a second how equal can’t be separate, how equal means no limit on the scope of our desires to inhabit the same space, our desires to walk freely and at our own pace, and not be confined to an, “equal” but set race. Equal most thrives in the same place, you cannot divide equal.
Yet still you tell us we’re too different. It’s two spheres we inherently exist in. G
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 1 0
Yellow Fever
Amelia swore what happened last summer to her brother, Michael, was a supernatural attack, or the devil himself possessing his soul. Regardless of her increasingly delirious versions of that night, the town decided she too must have the same madness, and they locked her away in the asylum before the past could repeat itself.
It started out like an illness. Michael would get horrible chills, and wake up in a cold sweat. He was confused all the time, never knowing where he was or what he was doing, not even what time it was though there was a clock on his nightstand. When Amelia brought him his gold wristwatch instead, he shrieked like some evil vision had overtaken him, eyes crazed as a cornered animal. Doctors thought it may have been some strange new virus, or obscure bacteria. Or worse, he was on some form of drug. Either way, not to worry—the experts could puzzle it out. But they couldn’t. At last, life had to go on. Michael couldn’t stay holed up in his room anymo
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 0 0
The Future is Bright
“Everything is about to change,” I breathe the words quietly to myself, steeling my nerves, “today is the first day of the rest of my life”. I feel this truth surrounding my entire morning as I rush through the motions of my preparations. It’s graduation day—my high school career will arrive at its close—and I will be launched into the next phase. This is my future.
My mother smiles and kisses my forehead when I pass by. She’s proud of me, but her joy is tinged with the grief of losing her youngest daughter to a university.
“I can’t believe you’ll be headed off to college already, Piper.”
“I know mom; isn’t it great?” I throw my arms around her tightly, wrapping her in a bear hug. I didn’t know then that it would be the last one I ever gave her.
She hugs me back warmly, and I linger for a few moments before flying out the door. She can’t go today, she’ll be at home with my two li
:iconartemisl17:Artemisl17 0 0


The Mirror
The mirror arrived a few days ago - a wedding present for Mommy and Daddy, I REMEMBERED thinking. It had pretty edges that looked like gold, but Mommy said that it was something else - an alloy of something, a complicated chemical that I've FORGOTTEN the name of. The top of the mirror had three lion heads, all roaring at you when you looked in it. It made Daddy very happy, he was always joking about how he couldn't afford to buy Mommy a present for her birthday, and now someone had bought one for him. He used to pretend he had made it himself in the shed, out of the gold mine he'd dug in my sandpit and the blast furnace he'd turned the cooker into. Mommy would always laugh and call him silly. I miss those times, when everyone was happy. My big brother, Dan, would play his guitar in the front room and Daddy would sing along. I didn't like some of the songs, they were too shouty and loud. But sometimes, Dan would bring his girlfriend, Jessica, home, and she would bring her bass. A bass i
:icongreenblade16:GreenBlade16 20 12
dark-eyed girl, you are so much more than beautiful.
when i look into your eyes i see heartwood, great rivers,
coiled limestone fossils pulled from the primordial sea.
i see riches, black-gold as the oil and ore that they
claw up from the bones of the planet. i see myself
drowning in drops of amber glass. you are ink on paper
and the rain-soaked earth of springtime. you are fiery
knife-edged obsidian, born from the blood of volcanoes.
you are the fury of a midnight storm, ancient and celestial,
splitting the sky and cleansing the world. you are the
infinite depths of space where the light does not reach.
you are the dark new moon, the shadows between the stars.
you make abyss-gazers of us all.
:iconkittify:Kittify 68 41
Dusk by AndyMumford Dusk :iconandymumford:AndyMumford 591 92 Palafitico by AndyMumford Palafitico :iconandymumford:AndyMumford 4,209 871 Cloud Suit Nsfw Preview Social by sakimichan
Mature content
Cloud Suit Nsfw Preview Social :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 969 0
Music by GigaMessy Music :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,457 169 Megachu! - Fauna by GigaMessy Megachu! - Fauna :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,340 148 |CM| What are you looking at? by GigaMessy |CM| What are you looking at? :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,730 254 Ciella [+speedpaint] by GigaMessy Ciella [+speedpaint] :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,536 175 Belfast by GigaMessy Belfast :icongigamessy:GigaMessy 1,302 53 C :: KawaiiNihongo by rimuu C :: KawaiiNihongo :iconrimuu:rimuu 1,610 53 We're the Villains by rimuu We're the Villains :iconrimuu:rimuu 3,423 216 C :: Melanie - Studio Elan by rimuu C :: Melanie - Studio Elan :iconrimuu:rimuu 2,167 146 C :: Melanie - Studio Elan by rimuu C :: Melanie - Studio Elan :iconrimuu:rimuu 2,337 196 Majin Saber by rimuu Majin Saber :iconrimuu:rimuu 1,554 38

I wish that I could have a Neverland
I dream of Flying like little Pan
That mystic island I 'd search all Day
Sunshines and waves take stress Away
A funny place where I never Grow
A place to go when high or Low
I wish I had a TinkerBell
A guardian to keep me well
Always to shower me in Light
And Pixie Dust to give me Flight
On my shoulder she would sit
Or on my head just like a kit
I wish I had a Captain Hook
A villian with a fearsome look
A man from whom I'd save the day
Or throw a fruit, and fly away
A man whose temper burns so hot
And when I'm around it would burn alot
I wish I had my own Lost Boys
A rambuncious bunch to make some noise
Playing pranks and mock sword fights
Sharing stories throughout the night
And cross the island we could run
Laughing at all the fun
I wish I had a Wendy, too
A pretty girl I wish I knew
To bring her to my Island I'd
Make her believe, believe she'd fly
And maybe even, we could kiss
Is that too much?
:icontherealfrancisbacon:therealFrancisBacon 18 7


Hello again! Thank you all so much for your kindness and understanding. :) So, I will be deactivating Artemisl17 as soon as I wrap up some loose ends, but if I come back to DeviantArt sometime in the future (It would be a while from now, not any time soon), it shall be under the username Artemisl18 probably, haha. Even if it is not, I will try to get back into communication if you all are still here and will repost my art so you'll know it is me. I wish you all the best of luck, and I think you are awesome!
Hello you crazy Deviants you! Today, I'd like to tell you to stop by the page of MsCreeptales and drop them some kindness and love! If you like art like this one below as much as I do, send them some appreciation. :)

Smiling Heart by MsCreeptales

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